Gay Harem

About Gay Harem

The Gay Harem game was created in 2017 by the video game studio Kinkoid. It's a gay porn game available for free online, in which your mission is to collect as many hot guys as possible. Your ultimate goal is to grow your harem!

Of course, you have to be of legal age to play this game, as it's primarily a porn game featuring uncensored sex scenes.

All you need to access the game is a browser (no download required). What's more, Gay Harem is available free-to-play, which means you can play for free even without a credit card.

Information on U.S. Section 2257

According to the compliance guidelines of Article 2257, please note that all persons depicted in the Gay Harem game have been verified as being of legal age, over 18 years of age.

Refund policy and terms

Gay Harem operates on a free-to-play model. Although the game itself is free, it is possible to purchase Kobans, virtual credits available in the in-game store. If you wish to request a refund, this can be done within 14 days of your payment by contacting the game's support team. Please note that refunds will only be processed if the Kobans have not been used in the game.

Data management and privacy

When you register, you will be asked to provide certain personal information. It is essential to note that all your data is kept securely on Kinkoids servers. The Kinkoid team is committed to guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of its users' personal information.

Technical assistance and support

For assistance, you can contact the Gay Harem team directly via your account. Simply create a ticket, and the game's support team will deal with your request promptly. You'll receive a reply within two working days. Customer service is available Monday to Friday. You can also post your question on the forum to ask for help from other members of the game's community.